November…a time for giving thanks, fall colors, and remembering…

November is here already! Where has the year gone? My mom always used to tell me that as I got older, the time would fly faster. I just didn’t think it would fly this fast.

Here in our neck of the woods, November means Thanksgiving, stuffing the turkey, pumpkin pie, and family gathered round the table for a special meal. The hard part of this holiday is that we are missing a face..well actually two faces in our family. My husband lost his sister to a car accident when he was only 13, so we not only have Zack’s missing face, but also Jennifer’s as well.  Now there are so many things for us to give thanks for, our other children, our happy marriage, our family, our home, our jobs, etc. Yet there is also that bittersweet feeling of missing those loved ones that we feel SHOULD be there.

As the leaves change to autumn colors and they start to fall to the ground, nature gives us such a beautiful picture. The seasons are changing, the cold weather comes in, and most start thinking of winter, and what is to come after Thanksgiving. Some think about black Friday, others about when to put up their holiday decorations, and some think about winter vacations.

As we work through November, Thanksgiving, and into December, my thoughts go back to Zack. We never got to celebrate Thanksgiving with him, and his birthday is the first week of December; so that is a definite emotional time. I wonder what he would be doing, what his favorite part of “turkey day” would be, if he would write letters to Santa, if he would enjoy playing in piles of leaves…

So many “what-ifs” and “I wonder…”

What are some of the things that you remember most about your Angel this time of year? What are things you wonder? Share with us in the forum under the General Discussion section.

May your days be blessed, and know that you are not alone.


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After the tragic loss of her son to SIDS, Kristina took her pain and grief and turned it into a way to help others. She is the author of "Shattered Soul: An Angel Parents Journey". Through her book she is helping other parents deal with the loss of a child while breaking the silence to help the rest of the world understand.

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