Training Available

If your organization or company works with Angel Families and you would like some educational training in understanding what we go through, we are here to help.

Everyone from medical professionals, mental health professionals, to clergy and even schools will encounter someone in an Angel Family. We understand that your professions aren’t easy to begin with, and that sometimes the emotional and thought process that comes with working with Angel Families makes professions even more difficult.

What we do with our training is show you an insight to what Angel Families deal with, but we do it in a controlled situation with eye-opening facts, role playing, and a lot of question/answer time to fully give you and/or your team support in learning the other side of this equation.

We want to help others learn how to help Angel Families. If you are interested in Kristina and the Break Our Silence team coming to your organization to provide training, please fill out the following form. Please be sure to include the approximate number of people per training session, the number of training sessions you’re requesting, and the best time to contact you.


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After the tragic loss of her son to SIDS, Kristina took her pain and grief and turned it into a way to help others. She is the author of "Shattered Soul: An Angel Parents Journey". Through her book she is helping other parents deal with the loss of a child while breaking the silence to help the rest of the world understand.